Dog House Design Ideas Grom The Ground Up April 27, 2014 March 26, 2019 Melinda Perkins

celebrity-hacienda-dog-houseWhen looking at the various dog house designs that are available, it always helps to make sure that you choose designs that are within your abilities to build. Although it is always going to be possible for you to take these designs to somebody else in order to do the construction, there is something about building them yourself that really makes it more convenient. Here are a number of different dog house design ideas that cover the entire dog house, from the ground up. This will not only help to make your pet comfortable, they are dog house designs that will keep them safe.

Choosing A Dog House Design

One of the first things that you need to consider whenever designing the dog house or choosing from among the dog house designs that are available is the floor. Although it would be rather simplistic if you just built the floor out of a single layer of plywood, this is not always going to be the best option for your animal. It is always a better idea if you leave a little bit of insulating space between two separate layers of flooring in order to provide a buffer zone against the cold or hot ground, whichever may happen to be the case. It can really make a difference in how comfortable the inside of the wooden dog houses are whenever the weather turns ugly.

Consider what you can pair with the dog house the make better use of the available space. Many home owners combine their dog houses with solar heating; placing the solar panels on the dog house roof and with extra storage space for bikes, tools and/or swimming pool equipment.

Insulating The Walls Of The Dog House

The walls of the dog house is one of the more interesting dog house design ideas that you have to decide from, and there are a number of insulated designs which you may be interested in. At its most basic level, the installation will simply be an air pocket, similar to what we discussed in the flooring. It is also possible for you to use a number of different types of insulation, from Styrofoam all the way up to rolled fiberglass insulation. Of course, all of this will change the overall design.

The Roof Of The Dog House

The roof of the dog house is where you can get a little bit creative and at times, this can provide a little bit of luxury as well. In most areas of the world, a sloped dog house roof is going to be necessary because of snow or other types of weather which you would not want piling up on top of the dog house. You may also want to consider shingling the dog house roof in order to keep it for years and to avoid rot.

A number of other additional items may be added into these dog house designs which can make them more or less luxurious. For example, central air and dog house heaters may be something that you’re interested in including, but it is going to raise the price of the dog house considerably and is not always going to be necessary to include this in your dog house design ideas. At the very least, you should make sure that there is something in the dog house which will help to pad your dog’s body from the hard floor. Just make sure that you change this from time to time so that it does not rot or become a health issue for your pet.