The Benefits Of Buying Goodman Heat Pumps November 29, 2014 August 27, 2014 Melinda Perkins

goodman-split-systemWith heating and air conditioning costs being so high nowadays, more people than ever before are considering renewable energy sources such as Goodman heat pumps. Their company is one of the largest manufacturers of heating and cooling solutions for residences by focusing on products that are both affordable and reliable. What makes this such an effective product is that they can provide you with both cooling and warmth all year round. Depending on the climate where you live however, you may probably still need to buy a traditional central heating and cooling unit. They can still really decrease the amount you have to spend on your energy and heating bills though.

Goodman Heat Pumps And Their SEER Ratings

There are several different model types of these heat pumps, so a problem you will face early on is which to buy. You will notice that each model is categorized by its SEER rating. SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating and it basically tells you how efficient the unit will be at cooling down your home. In general, the hotter it gets where you live, the higher the SEER rating you will require. On the downside, the models with a higher rating will typically be more expensive than those with the lower rating.

Consumer Reviews

  • Another way that you can make sure you purchase the best Goodman pumps for your home is to read over some consumer reviews online.
  • Written by consumers just like you, these reviews can provide you with a wealth of information.
  • They will typically explain any problems they have had with the unit and will let you know if they generally recommend them.
  • It is best to find someone that has a situation similar to yours so you know the best product to buy for a home that is specifically your size.

Finally, remember that even if you choose a good piece of equipment, if it is installed poorly it will still give you problems, especially with heatpumps, air conditioning and heat recovery ventilators.

The Cost

Another issue that you have to take into consideration when buying Goodman heat pumps is the price. You will have to expect to pay more upfront than you would a traditional heating or cooling unit, but keep in mind that you will make it back in the long run. In order to cut down on the amount that you will have to pay, you may want to look for a dealer who can offer them wholesale. Just make sure that you purchase it through a dealer that is licensed to sell these products or it could void your warranty.Air-Conditioning-5

One final thing to keep in mind is the contractor you hire to install it. Once again, if this individual is not licensed it could void the warranty; not to mention that they may do a poor job. Speak to many different candidates before settling on one and you will have a better idea of who to trust.

An Overview Of Portable Room Air Conditioners

Free standing portable room air conditioners can both cool down and dehumidify any room whenever you like. What people like most about them is that they do not have to be installed like cumbersome window units have to be. You can move them into any room you like and they will get to work. Besides the high price tag, one of the major downfalls is that they still require a nearby window in order to vent. You can drain the hot water either out of the window or into a bucket if you prefer. This article will cover all the major benefits that you can reap from purchasing these units.

Size And Shape

  • Portable air conditioners are also pretty heavy, weighing in at anywhere between 50 to 100 pounds.
  • They have an average length of about 30 inches and a width between 12 and 18 inches, so you will need this much space in the area where you plan on putting them.
  • Like any other air conditioning unit they have a way of increasing your electricity bills, so make sure you run it only when necessary and to the extent necessary if you want to save money.
  • Some units will come with energy efficiency ratings so this is something to keep an eye out for when making your decision.

One of the more important things you should take into consideration when purchasing one of these units is the size. Probably the smallest ones available can cool down a room that is between 150 and 200 square feet. They typically have a BTU of 7500 to 8000. This is a very economical choice and their smaller size means they will be more lightweight and easily to move. However, if the room you wish to use the unit in is larger than 200 square feet than you are going to have to buy a larger unit if you want it to work.

Looking At The Size Of The Room

  • Ultimately, if you are going to buy the best portable air conditioners for you, then you first have to know how many square feet the room is where you plan on using it, same as when you install a heat recovery ventilator.
  • Afterwards, go to the official web site of the US Department of Energy and use their size calculator to determine the BTU necessary to keep a room that size at a cool temperature.
  • Even though it can be tempting to simply go with the cheapest model in order to save money, if it is not powerful enough to do the job it will be a waste anyway.

One of the best ways you can determine if free standing air conditioners are the right choice for you is by using a rental unit first. By renting different models before buying you can better determine the right size, brand, and model for the room where you need it.